​Chronic Disease Management - Quality Improvement Program (CDM-QIP)

What is Chronic Disease Management - Quality Improvement Program (CDM-QIP)?

The Chronic Disease Management – Quality Improvement Program (CDM-QIP) is a program focus​ing on the continuous improvement of chronic disease management in Saskatchewan. The goal is to improve continuity and quality of on-going care for people living with chronic conditions by encouraging and supporting physicians and other health care providers to use best medical practices.

Benefits to Patients

People living with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease benefit from improved medical care if their health care providers are part of the CDM-QIP. The program allows these health care providers access to up-to-date information and tools to provide optimal medical management of chronic conditions. The program also helps your physician monitor and track the important aspects of chronic disease to ensure you get the best care and that your lab and other tests are done when necessary. 


The Ministry of Health and the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) jointly oversee the CDM-QIP program.  The Ministry of Health takes the lead role in physician compensation and the SMA takes the lead role in the management of the clinical information.  Both eHealth Saskatchewan and the SMA are jointly responsible for service delivery and privacy of CDM-QIP information.

Additional Materials

This brochure provides a brief description of the CDM-QIP and its benefits to patients. It includes a high-level overview of the clinical information collected by the program and details on who is authorized to view the information. The brochure also includes information on how patients can prevent their personal health information from being viewed or shared by health care providers.

CDM-QIP Brochure       CDM-QIP Poster

eHealth Privacy Brochure

The eHealth privacy brochure is intended to provide answers to some important questions patients may ask about the privacy and security of their personal health information in the eHR Viewer.

Provider Privacy Overview

As a care provider participating in the CDM-QIP and sharing patient chronic disease indicators with other providers, the provider privacy overview document has been created to provide you with a quick summary of your legislated obligations.