I Want to Update my Health Card Information

Your Saskatchewan health card provides you with access to health care services. If your card is not valid, you may be required to pay for health services or you could be asked to return for service once you have validated your card. ​

Who should update their health card information?

A Saskatchewan resident who has a Saskatchewan health services card.

Why should I update my health card information?

It is important that your registration information on the provincial health registry is accurate to ensure the prompt processing of your health claims. Failure to keep your registration information current can result in the suspension of health benefits.

What health card information should I update?

  • Family unit changes due to marriage, divorce/separation, common-law, reconciliation, addition or removal of dependents​
  • Change of address
  • Replace a lost, stolen, or damaged health card
  • Change of name
  • Correction to health card information
  • Submit copies of updated immigration documents
  • Extended absence from Saskatchewan
  • Return from extended absence
  • Appointment of Power of Attorney

Note: please contact Health Registries if your health card is expired.

How do I update my personal information?

Online or through paper forms. Choose your option below.

Online Update

You can update health card registration information online for yourself and your family.

Multiple changes can be included in the same request.

Supporting documentation (attached electronically) may be required.

You will receive prompt status updates and experience faster processing time.


​You can also report a change of address or request a replacement health services card at ExpressAddress online service.