​Saskatchewan Health Services Card

A Saskatchewan Health Services card is a valuable personal identification card, which you should be prepared to present whenever you need health services and for no other reason. Always carry your Saskatchewan Health Services card and present it when receiving health services.

Here is today's forecasted turnaround time:
Health Card Applications: 5 business days​




​In Saskatchewan, adults can also indicate their desire to be an organ and tissue donor by placing an orange "organ and tissue donor" sticker on their Saskatchewan health services card. The stickers themselves do not guarantee a donation - your family should also be aware of your wishes.

Organ donor stickers are included in each health services card package. A form that comes with the stickers encourages you to discuss your views on organ and tissue donation with your family, and requires both you and a family member to provide signed consent.

If you need a sticker, call Health Registries at 1-800-667-7551.

More information about Donating an Organ or Tissue.